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Pharoah's Dream

My Jewish heritage...

Pharoah's Dream Pharoah's Dream

Adam and Eve

...has always been important to me...

Adam and Eve Adam and Eve

Bat Sheva

...but as I mature ...

Bat Sheva Bat Sheva

Ask Ye the Peace of Jerusalem

...I feel the connection...

Ask Ye the Peace of Jerusalem Ask Ye the Peace of Jerusalem


...grows stronger ...

Jaffo Jaffo

Opinions [testimonials]

On behalf of the "Open House"  community I wish to thank you for the exhibition you displayed with us, and for the and the attitude you extended us.

The exhibition added a breeze of color and flair to the  Open House and the fabulous prints lit up  our visitors eyes. I had to praise you daily to all inquirers..

Elad Klien
The Jerusalem Open House

What's New in Israel? This year many crews will arrive to cover Israel's 60 Years of Statehood. Make sure not to miss out on some of the interesting cultural events that accompany this celebration.

Mike Darnell is one of Israel’s leading independent digital artists. An autodidact at heart, he briefly studied Industrial Design at Hadassah College in Jerusalem. Mike Darnell’s work pays tribute to the digital revolution, which he says to be the most influential factor in his life.

His work has been showcased in numerous art galleries around the country. Mike works as a consultant and lecturer, and he is a member of staff at Holon Institute of Technology.

Sharon Schavit

I’m not sure how Batsheva and Adam and Eve would feel about their having been reimagined within a 21st century digital Jerusalem - but Israeli artist and activist Mike Darnell certainly makes you wonder.

His exhibition of these and other Biblical portraits are part of his “Digital Zion” exhibition that opens tonight at the Jerusalem Open House and is on view at the Yellow Submarine through March 12th.

While the Adam and Eve print recalls the painting by 16th century German painter Lucas Cranach the Elder within a digital viewpoint, Darnell wholly reconfigures Batsheva.

The digital imaging works on two levels: not only forcing us to ’see’ Batsheva differently but by doing so, we able to question her behavior and character. As Darnell puts it, “How much of Batsheva’s motivation for her nightly ablution was purely hygienic, and how much an exhibitionist’s seductive display…”

Find more about these and other digital works by Darnell here.

Ziva Haller

Sylph - FFF
Slyph - FFF

We are the proud owners of Mike Darnell's three great pictures - Urban orchid, Tel Aviv Rooftops and Sylph-FFF.

All three works are fine examples of  imaginative computer manipulation of artistic photography.

The three pictures hang in our living room and all the people who have visited us since Mike hung the pictures in our home praise their beauty.

We ourselves love the pictures. Each one of them is different from the other and displays in a beautiful and unique manner the artist's feeling on the subject.

The technique Mike used is interesting and conveys to the viewer both reality and imagination and the combination of both.

The subjects of Mike's works are such that have and always will be of interest to mankind and the colors he   uses are intriguing but pleasant to the human eye.

Dr. Ram Avida


The Crane-ival is coming to town
The Crane-ival is coming to town

One of the first people who reached out to me upon arriving in Israel I was Mike Darnell. When he visited my home he said, "This place looks like a hide out. You have NOTHING on the walls. Mike showed me his portfolio of work. It shows a depth of understanding, soul, skill and humanity that moves people."Mike, please create piece for my home that is emblematic of Jerusalem."

When Mike showed is work, it was awe inspiring. Why did you choose the YMCA?
This is a Jewish city. Mike gently explained that when the YMCA was designed, it blended elements of the World's three great faiths, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. What is more emblematic of Jerusalem than the blending and the tension among these three similar yet very distinct faiths? Of course Mike is right. He exceeded expectations and at the same time spread a depth of knowledge and inspiration.

Today, the only object adorning my walls is Mike's remarkable creation. The greatest challenge in the entire process was convincing Mike to sign the work. I am thrilled to own a truly magnificent part of history.  When a Darnell hangs in your home, you will have the same feelings. Invest with confidence. You will be happy that you made the right choice.

Hank Shrier



In today's reality with art existent everywhere – in shop windows, museums, advertising campaigns, Ikea outlets and even online, Mike Darnell's creations give a new perspective on popular art (not a derogatory term!).

Sixties Pop Art's relevance was founded on the dialogue it maintained with the popular culture of the period. Mike Darnell's art maintains the same type of dialogue with his surroundings – the everyday reality of today's Israel and Jerusalem. Mike's interpretations allow us a gentler look at what is often an unpleasant reality… Mike's picture "Jerusalem Stroll 1" hangs as the center piece of my living room. It lends the room a quit and relaxing atmosphere but also encourages debates regarding the issues that today's Jerusalem is faced with, among them - the process of urbanizing and renovating the city as opposed to the need to preserve it's unique architecture and older buildings and the continuing struggle to unite the western city with the eastern city, the religious city with the secular one.

My professional life as a chef requires me to perform the duty of host often and I have found that Mike's painting, beyond being an aesthetic gem, is also a good ice breaker and conversation piece.

Hemdat Goldberg - Chef
"Food for Thought"


Your work is quite good.

I've had the "Warholesque" print in my head for two days now.

It is ironic in many ways.

I'm not sure I can express it in words, such is its subtlety. But consider that Warhol's images were shallow and without depth, expressing the complete abdication of thought and the compromise of art in the modern psyche.

Color and form as simply that.
The light glittering on the surface of a wave.
Art as pop culture.
"Anti-art ", if you agree that art's function is to infuse culture into those deprived of it.

So then you take this technique of ultimate laziness and cynicism, you take the abdication of art's true aim and you re-aim it at the purposes of true art, without abandoning the art denying expression Warhol exhibited and cashed out upon...

Chris Nelles
Poet, Author

My "Adam and Eve" receives an award

On the 1st of May 2008 my print "Adam and Eve " was elected to receive the silver cup for April's contest on international art site


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