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Giclee Printers, Inks and Canvases

Digital Art and Giclee Printing 

All the artwork you see on this site is created digitally by a process known as "Giclee Printing". Capable of printing as many as 14,000 ink droplets in a single square inch of canvas, giclee printers were specifically designed to recreate the vivid coloring of an original oil painting.

The Origin of Giclee Technology

The giclee technology was originally developed in the mid 1990's to meet a demand from art museums for a method of replicating original masterpieces that could no longer be displayed to the general public due to their frailty and the exorbitant insurance rates required to cover them .

Using giclee printing technology results in that are very reminiscent of oil painting.

When you purchase a print from this site you are purchasing original art created by myself (Mike Darnell). The copyright on all images belong to me. The prints are not limited editions unless specified otherwise.

Giclee Printers

The giclee printers we use are the:

  • Epson™ Stylus Pro 9600™ - This 44" wide format printer is equipped with Epson's Micro Piezo DX3™ print head able that delivers 2,880x1,440 dpi resolution and 4 pico-liter droplet size. The DX3™ print head was designed specifically to handle seven color printing and UltraChrome™ ink technology.

  • Kodak™ ENCAD NovaJet™ -The ENCAD NovaJet high-speed printer uses advanced print head design and Intelligent Mask Technology™ for maximum image quality and is capable of delivering print resolutions of up to 1,200x600 dpi.

Giclee Inks

Prints are printed using one of two possible inks depending on which machine is best suited for the job:

Epson UltraChrome™ ink

Epson UltraChrome™ Ink was designed in collaboration with some of the world's finest artists, photographers, and printmakers with the goal of satisfying even their exacting demands. The result? A printer ink capable of producing color prints with a gamut approaching those of standard dye ink technologies.

  • High density improved penetration resin coated ink - Epson UltraChrome™ ink is famous for the superb color expression it achieves on a wide variety of printing media. A major evolution in printing technology, this superb ink has an increased density of pigment content that was specifically designed to provide for a wider range of media support. When printing with UltraChrome™ the inks solvent and coloring agents              quickly penetrate the printing media while the resin coatings are repelled from the interior to form a film that covers the pigment particles. This surface coating fixes the output to the medium and helps protect the image from scratches. Even at greater pigment densities  each particle retains a uniform resin coating, ensuring sharp image reproduction on the printing media, together with improved light and water resistance.
  • Large Gamut - Epson UltraChrome™ ink delivers up to twice the color density of conventional ink, resulting in a larger color range compared with that available with traditional silver halide photographs.       
  • Durability - Dye based inks often contain water-soluble colorants that may dissolve in contact with water. UltraChrome™ ink uses only pigment ink giving it improved water resistance. Furthermore because the pigment colorant exists in the particle form when the printed media is exposed to light or gas only the surface layer particles are affected by them leaving the color layers below vivid.

Encad Quantum Ink™

Manufactured by Kodak using more than 10 patented technologies this ink's nano-particle milling technology delivers particle sizes that guarantee improved jetting and brighter colors. The ink is combined with proprietary adhesion enhancing polymers giving the final printed media greater vibrancy and durability.

  • Color Gamut - Encad Quantum Ink™ supports outstanding color gamut and improved density giving vivid reds and yellows, and improved replication for PANTONE colors. 

Print Canvas

Prints can be delivered on either Artists' Semigloss Canvas or Matte Canvas, according to request.

Can you print for me?

Sure! is proud to offer artists and art professionals with a global giclee printing service that caters especially to their needs.
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