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Digital pop art giclee prints - How, why and who creates them

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What's on this page?

What is Digital Art?

Digital Art is any art created on a computer or otherwise, non-trivially modified by a computing process. Certain instances of digital-art are entirely computer-generated - Fractals are a prime example of this type of digital art.

The term "digital art" is also applied to contemporary art that employs digital means in the creative process or as the method of production of the content media.

Why Digital Art?

I perceive my creative process as a digital one and value it as such. I, together with the rest of my generation, am a child of the digital revolution. My life has developed in parallel to the development of the microchip and central processing unit. The digital revolution is without doubt the single most influential factor on the world I live in and the reality I experience.

Why Pop Art?

I believe that my generation inherited a commercially saturated environment from our parents. Everything is branded. All human endeavor is judged firstly by it's commercial viability. To a certain extent all art produced in the developed world over the past 40 years is "Pop Art"- It is the popular domain and the public eye that grant an artist success. Galleries have come to view artists as "brands", and their art-work as "products". Artists have come to realize that without courting popular approval they are doomed to obscurity.

My creative process

All the art-works you see on this site are digitally created images that begin as photos I took or images I found on the web and elsewhere. Occasionally my creative process begins with an idea knocking about in my head while at other times the process begins when I encounter an image that captivates and moves me. The images are heavily manipulated so as to de-trivialize, abstract and illuminate their subject matter. 

The images are captured on a digital camera, or taken from some other digital source. I use my computer to process the original images into my art prints. The prints are printed on canvas and other media with digital plotters, in a process known as "Giclee Printing", and then syndicated digitally over the web. In fact the only manual step in my work flow is my signature which I add to each print.

The prints are my method of sharing my interpretation with the reality I experience. I hope you enjoy them : )

A word about the giclee prints on

All the artwork you see on this site can be purchased in the form of high quality digital canvas "Giclee" prints. If you want to learn more about the technology I'm using to create my prints click here. When you purchase a print from this site you are purchasing original art created by myself (Mike Darnell). The copyright on all images belong to me. The prints are not limited editions unless specified otherwise.

The prints on this site can be ordered in three sizes: 

  • Small - the default option displayed.
  • Medium  - approximately twice larger than the small size.
  • Full - the original size of the print for exhibition display. Approximately four times the size of the small print.
The prices of the prints are a factor of their size, obviously a smaller print will be cheaper than a larger one.
The prices for the prints on this site begin at under 100$ (see the print Carmen at 21x28 cm) and range up to 2000$ (see the full sized versions of 72 Virgins and Pharaoh's Dream).

Please note that this site uses the Metric system, and all sizes are given in Centimeters.

Mike Darnell - Creator of the fine digital art prints on this site
Mike Darnell - That's me : )

Who Am I

My name is Mike Darnell.
I am an Israeli artist.
I was born in Jerusalem on the 13th of May 1974.

My formal education is a short stint at the department of Industrial Design at Haddasah College in Jerusalem,
but mainly I'm an autodidact.

Since early 2006 I have been creating digital pop art giclee prints with mainly Jewish, biblical, erotic, mythical and political themes. 

Besides being an artist I am currently also:

  • Creative Director at
  • A member of the faculty at the School of Design at the Holon Institute of Technology
  • A consultant and lecturer at the Jerusalem's Business Development Center.

Prior to my current activities I did the following:

  • Founded Jerusalem based Tria Design Studio
  • Taught at Hadassah College's faculty of Industrial Design
  • Was part owner of Jerusalem's Campus nightclub
  • Served as a captain in the IDF's Golani infantry brigade.


2005 Jan - Curator for the exhibition "Israeli Design" in Jerusalem 

2006 Jun - Group exhibition I/O at the "Barbur" gallery in Jerusalem 

2008 Feb - Solo exhibition at the "Ziq" gallery in Jerusalem

2008 Mar - Solo exhibition at Jerusalem's "Open House"

2008 Jun - "72 Virgins" participates in the "Cannibal Flower" show at the "Infusion Gallery" Los Angeles, California

2008 Aug - Solo exhibition at "The gallery @404B", Hot Springs, Arkansas

2008 Sep - "Adam and Eve" participates in the "Cannibal Flower" show at the "Grind Gallery" Los Angeles, California


2008 May - My print "Adam and Eve " is voted into 2nd place for April's contest  on art site

2008 Aug - I'm selected to be featured artist for the magazine

צןלק גשרמקךך | מייק דרנל
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