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Digital Art News and Index 

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Digitali Art blog news


Digital Art blog news


Digital Gallery Index - Computer Generated, Photomanipulation, and 3D galleries online


Alex Vigilante -

Born in 1964 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, the son of artist Juan Vigilante, Alejandro Vigilante always knew painting was his destiny. An architect who defied convention by leaving architecture due to his success during the 1960's art boom. The painter is now residing in Miami , though he spends some time each year working in New York City and Buenos Aires. I included him here because of his series "Email Art".


Andy Thomas -

In 1997 Andy Thomas finished a graphic design course at Monash University in Melbourne, ever since he has been creating quite a following for what he calls "his techno-organic artwork". Inspired by nature and technology alike, Andy integrates photography and computer generated 3D imagery to create stunningly beautiful and haunting montages.


Chris Murphy -

Chris Murphy is "A graphic designer, turned web designer…", and much much more. I encountered his site following a link from the Digital Art blog news feed above and was highly impressed with both the girth and talent his portfolio shows.


Golan Levin and collaborators -

According to the information provided in the short version of his bio-sheet ,Golan Levin's work combines equal measures of "the whimsical, the provocative, and the sublime" in a spectrum of online, installation and performance media. I think he is a genius. His creations are both weird and wonderful making one pause and think at what the fusion of art and technology may one day come to accomplish


Josh Keyes -

A second generation artist born in Washington but currently operating out of Northern California, Josh Keyes is a painter and sculptor whose work is world famous. Born in 1969, Keyes holds a bachelor's degree from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and a master's from Yale .


Mike Darnell -

Well, this is me ... : )


Sam Brubaker -

This beautiful 3D web-comic is the work of Sam Brubaker - a 19-year-old animator, designer, and composer.
Born in Asheville, at the time I am writing this Sam is a student of Art and Design at NC State University.
An especially charming aspect of Sam's work is that everything is done exclusively with free software. The characters are modelled and rendered in Blender, with layout and speech bubbles in Inkscape and image editing in GIMP- all running on Ubuntu Linux.


Teodoru Badiu -

Austrian artist Teodoru Badiu describes himself as being"...well organized, competent, good natured and insanely dedicated...". I found his work to be simply stunning. I was so amazed by the power and beauty of the images that I asked my girlfriend to come sit besides me and as I looked at them.


Online museums, galleries and resources:

Founded in 1996 this online art magazine has in it's digital art index links to some of the coolest and freshest digital art resources on the web. The index includes references to a wide array of digital art - everything from from commercial graphic design studios, to bizarre online art-experiments

The Berlin based Digital Art Museum in one of the world's leading online resource for the history and practice of digital fine art. Ranked as one of the top five results for "Digital Art" on Google at the time of the creation of this entry. It's site exhibits the work of leading digital artists from as early as 1956. The site is a veritable on-line museum. It hosts an impressive exhibition of digital artworks as well as background information including artist biographies, articles, and interviews.

The Los Angeles Center For Digital Art is dedicated to exhibiting and promoting digital art in all it's forms: new media, digital video art, net art, digital sculpture, interactive multimedia, etc. The center states that it is committed to supporting local, international, emerging and established artists through exposure in the gallery's ongoing schedule of exhibits and competitions. Not limiting itself to promoting digital art only within the confines of it's own space, the center acts in conjunction with institutions and festivals to promote digital art outside the regular gallery schedule.

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