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Browse, review, and purchase original Pop and Abstract Art digital prints with
Biblical , Erotic , Jewish, Mythical , Political , or Technological themes.

I wish you a pleasant visit to my gallery and would be tickled pink if you bother to leave your comments.
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Mike Darnell
Digital Artist


The first image I ever created was the picture of a sheep (the piece Kadishman - previewed to the left). Since then I have found myself creating images of animals and beasts on a regular basis.

I'm sure that Schwartz (my dog) and Kali (my cat) approve... : )


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My teaching career as a lecturer at the Holon Institue of Technology and elsewhere has often brought me in close contact with the works of twentieth century abstract art masters such as Klee, Kandinsky, Rothko and Israeli masters such as Ardon and Agam. I admire these men's genius and contribution to the development of twentieth century culture and have been heavily influenced by their works.

This section of my gallery is dedicated to those pieces that, in my mind, are in closest dialogue with the principles and ideas presented by these masters.

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Crane-ival - Urban pop art

I have an obsession with cranes - they are beautiful and majestic to me.

I was always more of an urban dweller and construction cranes always seemed to me to be urban prehistoric beasts. They always seem so peacful and graceful as they sway lazily back and forth over the urban jugle that is the city..

Their construction and build negates everything we encounter in our day to day experiences and yet there they stand, huge and silent, birthing buildings and transforming our skylines in a constant dance of creation.

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Girls! Girls! Girls! ...More than just erotic pop art

Adam traded God a single rib for Eve. I think that this was not only the first deal ever made - it was also the best.

I love women. I always have, and I always will. Women are the stars by which men navigate their lives. At times, while counting my battered heart's scars, I think that maybe I loved too much. This notion is always rapidly dispelled by the site of a pretty woman, like morning mists that cannot survive the Sun's radiance...

Is this Israeli erotic pop-art?

I sincerely hope so! It is my intention to test our sensibilities and sensitivities. Does it bother you that I see these images as erotic? Should it matter? Only you can say...

We all search for eroticism all the time

I have been researching the web seeking Israeli erotic and pop erotic representations in the arts and have been rather unsuccessful in locating any quality materials, which strikes me as strange since I have discovered that there is a huge amount of search traffic out there looking for these materials. I wonder why this is so.Demand should be driving supply - It's only natural. The subject was so intriguing I wrote a blog post about it.

Interestingly enough a number of months after I launched this site this gallery started showing up at the top of Google's results for the searches "Israeli erotic art " and "Erotic pop art".

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Judaism, Israel, Jerusalem - Pop art with Jewish and Israeli themes

This gallery is dedicated to giclee prints that were inspired by my roots as a Jewish, Israeli and Jerusalemite artist and indeed most of the artwork in this gallery was created from photos taken in Jerusalem and its environs. My Jewish heritage has always been important to me but I feel the urge to connect grow stronger as I gain age and (hopefully) wisdom.

Interestingly enough a number of months after I launched this site this gallery started showing up at the top of Google's results
for the searches "Israeli pop art" and "Jewish pop art" and can now be reached directly at

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I usually prefer depicting places over people. Whether it is because my social skills leave much to be desired, or simply because I love gazing at the world and dreaming, I don't know. But the fact remains that I have created many more images of places than I have of people.
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Political Pop Art

Living in the Middle East, in Israel, in Jerusalem, one has no choice but to have politics as a major, if regretable, fact of life. I often feel that the volume and tone of the discussion overpower the actual subject matter. This is why I came up with the concept of Political Pop Art - a colorful, aesthetic and fun way to say things that are often too hard on the ears...
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Portraiture is an art unto itself .

Composition, color and technique are all at my dsiposal as I meditate on how to best capure not only my subject's form, but their spirit as well.

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Religions and Myth

Coming from a secular home it is difficult for me to trace the exact origins of my interest in spirituality. It may be that it is simply the fact that I was born, raised, and have spent my entire life in a city saturated with religious and spiritual significance.

I am proud of my Jewish heritage but am not, and have never been, a religious person.

I find comfort believing in the existence of a benign and positive spiritual influence in my world and attempt to lead a positive and benign existence deserving of its influence.

I enjoy my spirituality from a scholarly perspective as well and take pleasure in learning the culture and lore of my religion and others. I admit that I have a preference for Asian cultures. The Far East has always had a special appeal to me...
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Self Portraits

Ever so often I find myself creating a portrait of myself. I think that these self portraits are a method I've developed in order to come to terms with my faults and weaknesses. On the other hand they may also be merely another manifestation of my delusions of grandeur.
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Digital Zion

"Digital Zion" is an exhibition of digitally crafted pop art giclee prints that explores economic, social and political issues pretaining to the realities of living in the Middle Esat, in Israel, in Jerusalem - the world's most venerated city.

This gallery is dedicated to all the giclee prints that belong to the exhbition "Digital Zion".

To visit the DigiArt blog post I created post-exhibition, with links to galleries pf photos taken at the event and a video interview I gave to Israel's "Hot channel 3" TV click here.

To read the interview I gave journalist Maia Eldar click here.


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Corporate Art

The prints in this collection are suitable for use in corporate settings, office spaces, lobbies and the like. Contact me at mikedarnell[at]gmail[dot]com for exhibition inquiries.
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